All students attending KAOL will have some amount of homework. Homework is provided for two basic reasons: reinforcement of skills learned during the school day and development of good study habits at a young age. The amount of time spent on homework will be relative to the grade level of the student. Students can expect math homework each night.

Make-up Work

Any student who misses school is required to make up the work missed during the absence. A maximum of two days for each day of absence will be allowed for make-up work.

When a student and his parents know in advance that a student will be absent for a certain period of time, the teacher should be notified well in advance. The student will be given a pre-arranged work kit so academic work can be done during the absence.


Students are issued free textbooks at the beginning of the school year. Once a student accepts a textbook, he/she is responsible for its care. The school will hold students using those textbooks responsible for any writing in the books, damage, or loss.

When textbooks are collected at the end of the school year, students will be charged for damage or loss. Students who do not pay fees for lost/damaged books will not be allowed to participate in high school graduation ceremonies.