All high school students will be required to wear the student-designed KAOL shirts every day. During cooler weather, students must wear sweatshirts or sweat jackets with the same logo. 

Students are also required to wear blue, black, or tan pants, shorts, skirts. Winter coats are acceptable when worn at lunchtime or outside the school.

*Students are not allowed to wear any sweatshirt or zippered jacket that is not Academy attire in the school building or classrooms.

Students are to wear Academy clothing until they leave the campus after 4:00 pm. The only exceptions will be for school-sponsored activities after school.

During cold weather, all students may wear a heavy coat over their uniform shirts when they are outside the classroom. Sweatshirts worn over the Academy t-shirts must be Academy shirts.

*The principal will determine if a student is not in compliance with the uniform policy. Our uniform policy is designed to promote an effective learning climate, increase safety, foster student unity and pride, eliminate label competition among students, and to minimize clothing expenses for parents."

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