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 On Friday, Sept. 2, KAM's FIRST Lego League Team, The FORCE, began their research for the Animal Allies FLL game. They will be researching ways animals and people interact and how to make those interactions better.

To kick off their research, team members visited the Western Arizona Humane Society.  While there, director Lisa Snyder shared with students the work they do  there, how they care for the animals they receive, and how they prepare animals for adoption.  She answered questions and gave the team members a tour of the facility.  Team members also played with some kittens and puppies!   It was a fabulous way to kick off Animal Allies!

FLL team, the FORCE, is preparing for the Mohave County Fair. Team members are preparing a robot to demonstrate last year's game at the fair.  Some members began research on the computers....and they began assembling the pieces for this year's game, Animal Allies.

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Kaden talks with Mayor Anderson about FIRST Lego League at the Mohave County Fair 
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