Dress Code

All students, preschool through 8th grade are required to wear KAOL shirts every day. It is strongly recommended that parents label their child’s uniform clothing – particularly sweatshirts and jackets – so they can be returned to the child if they are lost. Students in grades PreSchool through 5th grade are to wear solid blue jeans, solid blue shorts (appropriate length), solid blue skirts or solid blue jumpers. If you do not purchase clothing made of blue denim fabric, all pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers must be solid dark blue. Pants must fit appropriately - no oversized clothing.

Primary School students wear the red, blue, or gray polo shirts or red, blue, or gray long-sleeve shirts Monday through Wednesday, and the traditional logo shirt on Thursday.

Intermediate School students wear the red, blue, or gray polo shirts or red, blue, or gray long-sleeve  shirts Monday through Wednesday They may wear any KAOL Intermediate school shirt, including logo t-shirts and club shirts, on Thursday only.

Middle School students are required to wear Middle School shirts Monday through Thursday. Special shirts, sport team shirts/sweatshirts or spirit shirts may be worn on Thursday only. Pants/skirts/shorts, etc. may be dark blue, blue denim, khaki, or black.

During cold weather, all students may wear a heavy coat over their uniform shirts when they are outside the classroom.  Sweatshirts worn over Academy t-shirts must be Academy logo sweatshirts.

Students in K-8th grades may only wear sweatshirts purchased at the KAOL shirt store.

Shirts and sweatshirts will be available for purchase at the KAOL Shirt Store at the District Office from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  If students wish to purchase a winter jacket with the KAOL logo, orders will be taken at the shirt store. 

The principal will determine if a student is not in compliance with the uniform policy.  Our uniform policy is designed to promote an effective learning climate, increase safety, foster student unity and pride, and eliminate label competition among students.            


High School students should refer to the High School Student Handbook for their uniform guidelines.