Kingman Academy of Learning District Office




3410 N. Burbank Street, Kingman, AZ  86409

Phone  (928) 681-2400   Fax (928) 681-2424.

 Business hours are 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Monday - Thursday year round

  The District Office serves the administrative needs of all of our campuses as well as housing our Shirt Store, Student Services, Speech and Professional Development departments. For questions, please contact the appropriate staff listed below either by telephone or E-mail.

  • Executive Director - Mrs. Susan Chan (928) 681-2400 ext. 1526 or
  • Business Manager - Mrs. Brownell Hamlyn (928) 681-2400 ext. 1527 or
  • Accounts Payable - Mrs. Christina Sheehan (928) 681-2400 ext. 1522  or
  • Payroll or Human Resources  Mrs. Yvonne Gearing (928) 681-2400 ext. 1528 or


Resume information on all current and former employees who provide, or have provided, instruction to KAOL students is available for inspection at the District Office.

The Kingman Academy of Learning Annual Financial Report  may be viewed at the Arizona Department of Education website using the following link.